Empowered healthcare heroes where patients need them most.

Banda Health is a nonprofit developing IT solutions specifically for these unsung healthcare heroes.

Good Healthcare vs. Poverty

If you’re a patient living in one of the world’s poorest communities, the odds are stacked heavily against good healthcare.

Turn the Tables

We’re building IT tools that help healthcare heroes do the impossible: deliver good healthcare in low-resource settings.

What Does That Look Like?

Right Treatment, Right Time

When test kits, medicines and medical supplies are in stock at all times, patients receive the right treatment when they need it – right away. 


Affordable for Patients

Reducing waste and theft keeps inventory costs at a minimum without sacrificing drug availability, improving a clinic’s financial stability and keeping patient costs as low as possible. Costs stay down, healthy outcomes go up. 


Banda Business

Our simple, intuitive business software enables healthcare heroes to run their clinics efficiently, keeping track of medicines, supplies and payments so that patients get the best possible care.

Join Us!

Your donation makes good healthcare possible in low-resource communities. Your investment is ultimately in the men and women dedicated to taking care of their patients in the toughest situations, equipping them with the tools they’re looking for to give good healthcare the upper hand.